Mail Order Shoes

Here's how you can mail order shoes from us:

1. Stand flat on one piece of paper and trace one of your feet. Then repeat on a second paper with the other foot.

2. Measure your foot from the top of the big toe to your heel and write down the inches off to the side of the tracing.

3. Write down the following information for us:

  • Your age
  • Your height and weight
  • Your street shoe size
  • Ballet slipper style/size/width
  • How long you've been dancing
  • What kind of padding you'd prefer [What does your teacher recommend/ what do your friends wear?]
  • Any comments or corrections you may frequently hear from your teacher about your technique
  • Your name, address and a day-time phone number
  • A method of payment

4. Mail the information to:

    Empire Dance Shop

    131 S. Sherman St.

    Spokane, WA 99202

            or you can

    Fax the information to 1-509-838-6929 

    or Email at 

    We then look at the drawings and all of your info, and pick out a shoe that will hopefully be right for you. The more information we have the better.

If you have any questions or concerns about how this all works that we haven't answered, or that might be unclear, or you just have some questions with your shoes that you need to talk to us about verbally, please feel free to call us at (509)- 747-7808. 

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